Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Again I have to apologize, it has been a long while since I have written anything. Life is amazing, you find yourself going down one path and as soon as you know it you are going in a completely different direction. I think this is what happened to me and my life. There were a lot of changes going on within a small period of time and I have been trying to catch up and thankfully I think I have. Along with the changes I have met some new people, started new friendships, and learned something about being an adult, something I wish to share with you. Since I have turned the "BIG 21" and being granted the world(meaning I can have an alcoholic drink in a bar or pub if I choose to do so), I have realized one thing, being 21 means nothing.

The only thing that has changed is that I can now legally walk into a bar or pub. Other than that nothing else is different. The type of people you meet is the same, the type of relationships you have is the same, there is nothing more of being an adult than the fact that you get this cool sideways ID(which I might add that mine is still vertical, thank you very much), that grants you access to something, kind of like the cool kids club.

I am not disappointed nor am I anger, but more stupefied, confused, dumb struck. I thought my relationships were going to be different now that I am an "adult". Come to find out that adolescence and maturity, they are not so much different. I thought there would be more communication, more understanding, more acceptance, but I was left in the static, along with everything else.

To me, life doesn't make sense right now. Maybe this is what I need in this moment of time, I just wish I was clued in on the reality of it all. But then again, I feel most "adults" are in this category.

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BandonRandon said...

Some of the most mature people i know in this world are 18 and some of the most immature are in there mid 20's. Age is nothing, sure it's great to be able to go places you couldn't go before yet I find it's not where you go but what you do when get there that's important. I'm sure that probably sounds really cheezy but it's true. Use this new found power for good!

Love you brofie,